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by on September 9, 2011


September is synonymous of back to school; let’s see how different industries, ranging from e-commerce to non profit, can use this theme in their email marketing approach and messages; most of the newsletters selected use iconic elements regarding school, such as boards and pencils.

Non Profit
The theme can be used to sentitize subscribers with a call to action for fundraising in order to help children to realize their right to quality education.
Here it follows a newsletter by Plan as an example of this approach: 

Plan back to school2 383x1024 Newsletters about back to school


Office supply  
For the companies selling school supplies this period offers some of the biggest opportunity to communicate and to promote special discounts. Let’s see an example coming from an e-commerce company: this is Staples’ promotion of  back to school essentials, with an addition of a coupon to be used online or in-store.

Stamples back to school 650x1024 Newsletters about back to school


Mass Market Distribution
Even in the mass market distribution the theme can be use to promote specific products, based on a selection of back to school essentials.
As we see in the newsletter by NaturalCollection, following the mood and the positioning of the company, there is an eco-friendly products selection.

Natual Collection back to school2 395x1024 Newsletters about back to school


It’s interesting to notice how in the food industry there is a proliferation of recipes and promotions of products (such as snacks and lunches).
Following the example of Dean&DeLuca, we see a newsletter where the main message is about back to school care packages. As you can see, the “back to school mood” is highlighted by the presence of pencils in the template.

Dean De Luca back to school 412x1024 Newsletters about back to school


Personal care
Each occasion can become a good opportunity to send a dedicated newsletter: thinking of beauty, a young target can be engaged using a communication in order to make them be ready for the back to school moment.
As we see in the newsletter by Beautyofasite, they have used a subject to convey this message: Great looks for back to school!

Beautyofasite back to school 419x1024 Newsletters about back to school


Before getting ready to go back to school, let’s check other examples in different industries on NewsletterMonitor, the benchmarking platform for email marketing.

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