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What blossoms in inboxes this spring?

by on March 26, 2015

Spring is here and we’re excited to bring in the new season!

This is the time to come out of hibernation with new vibrant colours that shed a little extra light on the inbox. We’re here to see a few examples of exactly this thanks to NewsletterMonitor.

For Nine West, yellow is the colour of Spring, as a sun lights up recipients’ inboxes with a 40% discount.

The new Spring wardrobe arrives thanks to Peacock, who even add a little style advice to their campaign.

Appropriately, the HUE

Spring is in the air for email marketers

by on March 24, 2014

The new season is upon us and is bringing with it a flourishing of email communications dedicated to spring, selected with NewsletterMonitor. Let’s take a look at this digital spring breeze: flowers, bright colours, lighter clothing, garden parties…

Balenciaga launches their new spring/summer collection with this communication

Subject New Collection: Spring Summer 2014 

GAP took the opportunity to launch a promotion with discounts of up to 50% with SPRING BREAK – SHOP

Subject Up to 50% off EVEN MORE spring break styles! 

A beautiful communication from HUE full of bright …

Spring is in the air for email marketers

by on March 6, 2013

Which occasions can be exploited in email marketing? A new season is knocking at the door, bringing with it is a new occasion for email marketers to use to their advantage. Let’s discover some interesting examples of emails concerning the seasonal communication for spring, including some key aspects of strategic approaches used.

Every season has some specific characteristics. We’re looking at this email which was sent by Interflora promoting spring flowers.

This strategy deals with the promotion of the  ‘seasonal collection of selected products’. Let’s see another example via NewsletterMonitor …

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