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Online surveys: tell me what you buy and I’ll tell you who you are

by on April 11, 2011

According to the Social Shopping Study 2010, around 63% of shoppers consistently  read reviews prior to making a purchase decision. We should know about the importance of feedbacks, so do you want to reach directly your users’ ones?
Include a survey in an email marketing program is a smart strategy to capture their feedback and optimize your e-commerce activity. In fact, it represents the fastest and most effective way to understand what users think of a brand and collect information about their shopping habits.

Wrangler gives us a good example …

Customer segmentation: Nike asking for users’ preferences

by on March 30, 2011

To improve effectiveness of email campaigns in strategic targeting, you are already aware of the importance of customer segmentation. But how can you find out if your customers’ habits are changing?
Keep monitoring your users’ behaviors and customize your communication: ask the customers directly and let’s see if they agree to give a little help to your brand!
Nike gives us a very interesting example of a message with the purpose to get some detailed information about user’s preferences. They invite directly the customers to send a feedback about which …

Fnac sales: focus on a winter strategy

by on March 21, 2011

According to Email Marketing Consumer Report 2010, each French user is receiving almost 30 newsletters per day. This means that companies need to send email messages catchy for the users and to keep in mind the importance of the relevance, planning the right message at the right time.

During sales time usually brands of diverse industry send promotional newsletters to their customers, using different style of communication but quite pushing and directed to the sales, indeed. How can those newsletters be truly relevant for the users?

Fnac France shows a …

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