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“Eat, buy, love”… with email marketing

by on April 10, 2013

Not a special occasion, but a daily primary need: eating.
In this post we will analyze how food and grocery store chains communicate and generate revenue via email marketing campaigns.
On NewsletterMonitor, the Email Marketing Analyzer, we can find numerous interesting examples, from recipes to online food order.

Let’s take a look at various examples.

Create traffic online: recipe of the day
First example: The email contains tips & tricks with a main focus on the recipe of the day. The content is presented with a good balance …

Coupons in email marketing: examples and ideas

by on August 3, 2011

Make your subscribers feel that it’s worth being part of the relationship, adding to this value an incentive such as a promotional code with a discount offer to be used online or offline.

Let’s watch three examples of top brands using the coupon in the newsletters:

-          New York and Company includes the barcode directly in the newsletter, positioned in the footer

-          Bath and Body works gives a significant visual role to the coupon, inviting the subscriber to click and land on a page where it can be printed…

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