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Email marketing for weddings

by on July 5, 2013

How do top brands use email marketing to promote clothes and accessories concerning the wedding season? This  topic deals with some strategies for this period, collected for you in a dedicated board on Pinterest.
Pick your favorite emails on NewsletterMonitor and check out our team’s selection to find some of the best practices in use.

A good chance to practice your customization is to create a newsletter perfectly fitted for  the topic. The use of background images or smaller details are able to make the bride feel the mood …

Lancôme email marketing: top picks by subscribers

by on June 25, 2012

We can notice an interesting approach in the use of feedback provided by users/subscribers when it turns into communication spread to all, such us in the email marketing approach by Lancôme.

Users’ experience
We’d like to highlight on this email marketing strategy, in order to strengthen users’ experience and reinforce the word of mouth concerning the use of products.
In this newsletter five top products are introduced by ratings coming from users and a reference given by a short text commented directly.

Social reference
The increasing importance of social references …

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