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Independence Day via email marketing

by on July 5, 2013

Here we have some nice examples of emails for Independence Day selected on NewsletterMonitor, the benchmarking platform for email marketing.

Subject Happy 4th of July
Date July 4th 2013

In this email there is a strong reference to the special occasion because of the presence of a giant flag in the background; the sense of freedom is conveyed by the main image being animated and in the copywriting.
It’s remarkable to see the sense of community that they want to keep: i.e. the use of the word ‘friends’ in …

Independence Day and email marketing strategies

by on July 9, 2012

Special occasions always offer to email marketers a great opportunity to develop an engagement strategy towards subscribers.
It’s interesting to find out how the use of a celebration can turns into a commercial proposal for some companies  to offer special discounts, to give suggestions on how to enjoy the day, to promote special products. It follows a list with some examples of newsletter sent in occasion of the 4th July, or Independence Day.

For BabiesRUs, a brand of ToysRus, we can see a countdown strategy based on bonus deals …

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