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When saying thank you means more than just thank you

by on March 27, 2013

For a non-profit organization it is vital to constantly thank donors, as they are the main source of funds to support its mission.

So  no wonder that is common practice for the organizations to plan and structure carefully a series of post donation thank you and follow-up emails: the retention of these (often recently acquired) donors can be substantially improved via constant communication to let the donor feel like an active part of the charity’s world.

But some non-profit organizations decide to do more and thank ALL their newsletter subscribers, …

Fundraising and donor retention: Unicef for women’s day

by on March 21, 2011

For the nonprofit area email marketing can play a key role in developing an ongoing one-to-one dialog, in order to engage donors and optimize fundraising efforts.
Let’s find out how a NGO can use a special occasion to fundraising and donors by taking a look at Unicef France and their dedicated communication for woman’s day.
Personalisation starts by the subject line L’Unicef soutient la journée de la femme, et vous? : it lights up in the inbox and make the reader being part of it, from the very first sight. …

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