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Email marketing for special occasions: Columbus Day

by on October 21, 2011

12th October was a celebration in USA; with a focus on email marketing campaigns we can find examples of different strategies and communication for special occasion. Companies will make something special for their subscribers; let’s watch a couple of examples to find different approaches in communication. The purpose is the same: invite users to buy online using a special deal, but the weight given to the occasion and the tone of communication can be very different.

Pottery Barn Teen’s commercial strategy in two steps

Let’s see in detail a …

Social beauty: L’Oréal’s newsletter as example

by on March 8, 2011

In nowadays, communication between people is growing everyday thanks to online communication.

Following Merkle 2010 View from the Social Inbox, social networks users are reading their emails more frequently than the others, 42% of them are consulting their mailbox more than 4 times a day!

L’Oréal got the message and tries to communicate following this line by introducing new elements in its newsletters.
The brand philosophy is now focused on using the “know how” on cosmetics with the aim to give beauty advices to customers and become more than a …

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