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A close up look at some Banana Republic emails

by on July 22, 2014

Thanks to NewsletterMonitor, the email marketing benchmarking platform, we can get a close up view of what Banana Republic is up to.

Here is a selection of their communications which really stand out thanks to either the subject line copy, the layout or the contact strategy.

Subject You’ll look good. Really good.

With a subject line like this, the company seizes on the reader’s vanity, to its advantage. In the email, there is a convenient handbook with a selection of looks suggested by the brand.

The summer is synonymous with …

A message for every special occasion from PANDORA

by on March 5, 2014

We wanted to show you an email marketing strategy by PANDORA as an example of 1 to 1 relationship building, structured to touch on all the user’s personal special occasions. Thanks to NewsletterMonitor, the email marketing benchmarking platform, we can tell you about this brilliant strategy through some examples of emails sent by the brand.

This is the registration form which highlights the benefits of joining the brand’s club for those thinking of signing up for the newsletter.

Once registered, the profile page asks for some additional data. In addition …

Spring is in the air for email marketers

by on March 6, 2013

Which occasions can be exploited in email marketing? A new season is knocking at the door, bringing with it is a new occasion for email marketers to use to their advantage. Let’s discover some interesting examples of emails concerning the seasonal communication for spring, including some key aspects of strategic approaches used.

Every season has some specific characteristics. We’re looking at this email which was sent by Interflora promoting spring flowers.

This strategy deals with the promotion of the  ‘seasonal collection of selected products’. Let’s see another example via NewsletterMonitor …

Time goes by so slowly… not for email marketing!

by on February 21, 2013

We all know, people receive too many emails every day. So why should they open yours?

Play in advance, make your email stand out and give recipients a reason to open your email before the others. The day after an email is already old and the chances for it to be opened drop.

To get attention many brands are adopting the strategy of short terms promotions, special offers that last 24 or 48 hours to encourage users to open the email immediately.

Let’s get some inspiration from some of these …

Banana Republic: discount strategies via email

by on July 27, 2012

Some of the most interesting commercial approaches via email marketing concern markdown discounts.
We can see how discounts change in relation to the timing, in order to invite subscribers to purchase. Let’s check out some example of discount strategies by Banana Republic used in the last week (starting on 22th July).

In this first email we can notice something interesting, such as two levels of discount: the % changes between the day and the following. With this message the user is invited to hurry up, as anticipated in the subject …

Ralph Lauren launches an email sequence

by on July 20, 2012

The company Ralph Lauren launched a special email series related to the topic of summer sport events. Due to the fact that the brand is sponsor of some of the mayor sport events, the season of summer becomes a turning point to communicate to subscribers and to promote their special outfits.
Let’s watch in detail the communication strategy and its evolution.

The 17th June they sent an email to introduce the sequence; the subject it’s clearly connected to the topic Celebrate Summer’s Greatest Sporting Events and the layout is a …

Independence Day and email marketing strategies

by on July 9, 2012

Special occasions always offer to email marketers a great opportunity to develop an engagement strategy towards subscribers.
It’s interesting to find out how the use of a celebration can turns into a commercial proposal for some companies  to offer special discounts, to give suggestions on how to enjoy the day, to promote special products. It follows a list with some examples of newsletter sent in occasion of the 4th July, or Independence Day.

For BabiesRUs, a brand of ToysRus, we can see a countdown strategy based on bonus deals …

Special projects for Mother Day by Marionnaud

by on June 5, 2012

For email marketers Mother Day is a special occasion to engage users; the topic of special occasions deals strongly with brand experience.
The aim should be enrich users’ loyalty to brand and valorize each occasion to communicate: it follows an example by Marionnaud, a French company belonging to the personal care industry.
In France Mother Day will be 3rd of June; let’s find out some curiosities in the email marketing approach of  the company.

A series of email concerning Mother Day to start with: let’s notice the image …

Email examples concerning the Year of the dragon

by on January 30, 2012

Does Chinese New Year become another special occasion for email marketing?
Let’s see some examples of different brands communicating with their subscribers to engage them. It’s interesting to notice the use of the dragon as iconic symbol, often present in the layout or for the special edition products.

Let’s find a couple of examples in the newsletters sent by Shanghai Tang, a company belonging to apparel industry.
In the first one it’s interesting to see how the development of a partnership gives as a result the mixture of the …

Email strategies about Black Friday: Walmart, Samsung and H&M

by on November 25, 2011

Black Friday means the official launch of holiday shopping; it’s an important occasion for e-commerce players to create a strong connection with subscribers, based on engagement: users are expecting to be rewarded with special offers from now on, during holiday season. Let’s see some interesting communication strategies used by top brands in their email marketing approach to launch Black Friday.

In the preheader of this newsletter, Walmart jokes on the presence of elves working overtime referring to justify the previous email sent with a wrong subject line. As we can …

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