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Christmas gift guides in email marketing

by on November 25, 2013

After seeing the November communication strategies, we now turn our attention to gift guides; one of the best email marketing strategies for the forthcoming holiday season.
Thanks to NewsletterMonitor, the email marketing benchmarking platform, we have selected some of the best “gift guide” email designs from the past year.

The Coach communication is well organized and completely dedicated to highlighting the selection of products included in its gift guide. Right from the subject Here It Is: The Coach Holiday Gift Guide! this element becomes the leitmotif for  the whole …

How retail brands launch new websites

by on June 20, 2011

When it comes to launch an important change about the website of one retail brand, such as the layout or even a new logo, announcers are using different communication strategies.

Are they sending one or various communications? Is the newsletter focused only on the news? Which place do they grant to the social networks to share the news?
The three retail brands that we selected, announced changes to their users using all a different approaches, let’s analyze them:

Diesel includes the launch in the news. The single newsletter announcing …

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