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Christmas in November

by on November 19, 2013

Many brands decide to set up email marketing strategies which, at the start of the winter months, help remind users about the upcoming Christmas holidays so that they are prepared when the time comes to buy gifts. Because Christmas is… tomorrow! It is important to keep in mind some key rules however, such as the focus and the relevance of the message.

Thanks to the wide selection granted us by the benchmarking platform NewsletterMonitor, we found many examples of different approaches to the Christmas holidays. Some luxury brands such as …

Emails seen up close: The Holiday Newsletter Special part 5

by on July 11, 2013

Are you ready for the holidays?
Not only the summer ones, but start considering winter special occasions as they are just around the corner.

To get ready, check out some of the best email examples selected by our Team on NewsletterMonitor, the benchmarking platform for email marketing:

The Holiday Newsletter Special part 1 | Apple
The Holiday Newsletter Special part 2 | Starbucks Store
The Holiday Newsletter Special part 3 | Marks & Spencer
The Holiday Newsletter Special part 4 | The Sports Authority

The post series proceeds with another …

It looks great, it looks responsive!

by on January 10, 2013

Are you aware of what’s hot in email marketing? Let’s talk about the importance of being responsive with this example from NewsletterMonitor.
Smart phones and tablets are growing in popularity, therefore a ‘’one-size fits all’’ email approach is not enough. You can get responsive by creating emails that automatically respond to the viewers’ device displaying the most important aspects of your email.
This newsletter from Burberry is based on a two-column layout; it looks great on both mobile devices and desktops!

The same email when viewed on mobile displays scaled …

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