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Harley Davidson lifestyle: switch off the engine in summer

by on June 27, 2011

Harley Davidson has a specific identity as lifestyle values and for the ones belonging to the community it usually means being part of a tribe.

The newsletter by Harley Davidson keeps a frequency of 1.9 email/month; there is not a specific day during the month where the company decides to send the newsletter.

Watching at their broadcast frequency on a yearly view, we can see their stop during the summer (August and September are totally off) and in 2010 the top month is December, due to an invitation sent to …

Lacoste newsletter: is Tuesday the day?

by on June 6, 2011

Watching at the broadcast data, we can collect useful information about the strategies adopted by the mayor companies, in order to find out meaningful trends of a specific industry or by a unique brand.

Consulting the broadcast of Lacoste newsletter, we notice that 40% of them are sent on Tuesdays. Does this recurrence reflect a specific strategy of the e-commerce store? At first sights, we can imagine that the brand wants to keep an appointment with the subscriber on a regular basis noticing that this is happening only …

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