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Birth day: how to ask it to your subscribers

by on July 18, 2011

In relation to the last week post on birthday emails, what if you forgot to ask your subscribers their birth day while registering? The easiest way to recover this information is obviously to send an email afterwards inviting them to update their account information.

But keep in mind that you might offer an incentive…

Offer a reward for the effort request, like in the examples of Bobby Brown Cosmetics and Kenneth Cole, shown below:

Life-cycle messaging: birthday emails

by on July 12, 2011

Keep a mind frame based on engagement by using one of the best practices part of the life-cycle messaging: send a special communication for your user’s birthday.

A common approach is to create a newsletter for the subscriber with a dedicated message and to give a special incentive as a present (a coupon, discount, offers, …).
As following, examples of birthday emails by top brands: they are different in their mood of communication but all have in common the use of the winning composition to wish and offer.…

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