Email marketing benchmarking

NewsletterMonitor is an international platform for benchmarking in email marketing: collecting more than 6 million newsletters in 5 languages from 25 industries. With a few clicks, you can learn about competitors’ email marketing strategies, tactics and best practices; even more, you can discover email broadcast frequency and penetration.

Keep an eye on your competitors

On the platform, make a search using a keyword or a brand’s name, and discover all the newsletters mentioning it. Use the daily alerts service to receive directly into your mailbox a list of emails sent by your competitors.

Discover industry trends

Monitor your market without signing up for newsletters, see the strategies used by others companies and discover precious statistics such as broadcast dates, times and frequencies.

Looking for inspiration? Get the insights!

With over 17,000 brands available on NewsletterMonitor you can get a detailed overview about design, templates and layouts for visual communication.

Join NewsletterMonitor by registering on the website. The beta version is free, enjoy!