Christmas in November

by on November 19, 2013


Many brands decide to set up email marketing strategies which, at the start of the winter months, help remind users about the upcoming Christmas holidays so that they are prepared when the time comes to buy gifts. Because Christmas is… tomorrow! It is important to keep in mind some key rules however, such as the focus and the relevance of the message.

Thanks to the wide selection granted us by the benchmarking platform NewsletterMonitor, we found many examples of different approaches to the Christmas holidays. Some luxury brands such as Cartier and Burberry send inspirational newsletters that play on the brand’s ‘way of being’ (you can find other examples both for Cartier’s strategy and Burberry’s). There are no promotions, only an emotive email where, with great discretion and a large space devoted to images, featured CTAs invite users to browse the catalogue of products and gift ideas by topic.
Cartier Christmas in November

burberry Christmas in November
Balenciaga does this too, last year sending a newsletter presenting their new Christmas collection in the early days of November.

balenciaga Christmas in November

Interflora and Twinings offer more examples of this strategy, promoting their products with emails decorated with Christmas colors: red and gold.
interflora Christmas in November
Twinings Christmas in November
Famous London department store Harrods, by contrast, offers free shipping, which is recognized as one of the best practices for Christmas and holiday sales. The promotion is made clear to the user in the subject line and then in the first CTA linked to the main image. The newsletter also contains further messages, all dedicated to Christmas: gift, decorations and food guides. At the end, positioned within the body to underline its importance, the retailer highlights its e-commerce strengths: free UK returns, global delivery, next day delivery, in-store events and rewards for loyal customers.
Harrods Christmas in November
Finally, there are brands that focus on promotions: discounts on Christmas shopping (The white company), reductions on subsequent purchases, special prices or introductory offers on a single product, free items found in your trolley, or extra emphasis on their gift ideas (in the case of Giftsnideas, who use the headline “Early Christmas, Better Christmas”).
thewhitecompany Christmas in November
All of these have one common goal: to win over the consumer and beat the competition by being quick off the mark. This is paired with a relevant and time-structured email marketing strategy, with high quality, eye-catching and irresistible offers.

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