Packing a great summer holiday campaign

by on July 8, 2015

It’s holiday time and there’s no holiday (be it long or short) without luggage packing. Whether your destination is a Mediterranean island or a village in the Andes, every trip requires that particular moment where you choose which garments and everyday things will go with you.

It’s a perfect contact opportunity for many industries: from clothing to cosmetics, from publishing to mobile devices, from photo & video equipment to sporting & free time items. The most effective formula seems to be the holiday shopping guide.

On this subject, Avenue

Flat Design: just a fad?

by on October 20, 2014

When talking about flat design, one can easily think about the latest fleeting trend that only designers can find “sooo exciting!”. Just a fad characterized by flat, clean, minimal style and complete desertion of the omnipresent reflections, shadows, textures, shading and 3-d effects that have been the rule for many years.

But can we really dismiss the matter so quickly?

If you look at this trend with a slightly more “scientific approach”, you will find a lot of evidences that this “aim at simplicity” has a lot …

Storytelling in email series: Kate Spade bridal flash promo

by on October 16, 2014

What connotes an email series is, with no doubts, sequentiality.

This sequentiality is closely related to the series’ duration: a cycle of 10 emails dedicated to a specific occasion (e.g., Christmas) and sent over the course of one month has a pace completely different from a cycle of 3 emails focused on a 48 hours flash-promo.

In any case, despite of differences, when designing an email series, you always have to keep in mind sequentiality: this means considering each email as part of an extended narration. To that end, …

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