About us

Our belief

We believe in the power of email marketing to deliver value-added content.

Where did it all begin?

This blog was born while working on NewsletterMonitor, the platform for email marketing seen up close.

The purpose

The aim of this blog is to carry out analysis on international newsletters and develop a series of content from different topics. We’re selecting the most interesting newsletters sent by more than 21,000 brands from all over the world.

Who are we?

The editorial staff is of ContactLab, a market leader in digital direct marketing since 1998 with its own SaaS platform for email campaigns, sms and push notifications.

By integrating its design, planning, execution and analytical expertise ContactLab’s strategic approach sees digital direct marketing as a digital contact channel aimed at actively involving clients through punctual, relevant and personalized communications in a multi- and omni-channel perspective.

Meet the editorial staff

Fede1 150x150 About usFederica Digiorgio, Web Marketing Manager in ContactLab, is a passionate urban cyclist, always on the lookout for the hidden byways of her hometown, Milan. She is a trained anthropologist, keen traveler and has recently discovered a talent for writing and a growing passion for photography.

170x170 manu About usManuela Crivella, Account Manager in ContactLab, has been in the company for 4 years now. She is very precise and rational but at the same time she lives her job with passion and as a beautiful adventure. In the past she loved going to gigs and singing along to her favorite bands, but in the last two years all her spare time is happily spent with her beloved son and singing lullabies to him.

Laura About usLaura Gioia, Senior Account Manager in ContactLab, eats, drinks and breathes digital marketing. In her past she was a sysadmin and she hasn’t decided yet if she’s proud or ashamed of it. Laura’s very good at making pancakes and taking photographs of the bright side
of people. When not reading marketing papers, she spends her free time watching TV shows and reading steampunk novels.

Cesar photo4 150x150 About usCésar Arturo, Business Development Manager in ContactLab, has an international background with professional experiences in South America and Europe. His main role is to share his opinions and provide inspirational suggestions concerning the content created for the blog. Furthermore, his expertise in email marketing is technically well-structured.

odette1 About usOdette Di Maio, Account Manager in ContactLab, is dedicated to the Non profit market, for which she has been working for several years, with both an offline and online expertise. In addition to her passion for the fundraising world she is also a counselor and an international singer-songwriter. She loves travelling abroad and sharing different experiences, mingling with her worldwide friends.

170x170 sabrina About usSabrina Di Giorgio, Art Director in ContactLab, has been working for the company for 4 years and she is passionate about visual communication, illustration and animation.
She loves to sketch funny characters and visit art museums. She likes to change her look, so you will often see her with a different hairstyle.

Lisa1 About usLisa Molteni, Senior Content Manager in ContactLab, has been working for the company for 4 years so her relationship with digital is kind of serious at this stage. She writes copy, creates concepts and works on social media projects for clients in the B2B and B2C markets. She tangoes in her free time.

170x170 samy About usSamantha Mancuso, Art Director in ContactLab, has been in the company for 5 years now.She’s very fond of snowboarding; she loves doing it during the winter and the summer. She’s passionate about art: in particular, photography and street art, because she likes the message and cultural background.

170x170 livia About usLivia Giorgi, Account Manager in ContactLab; despite her two cats, she enjoys the ocean and is fond of diving and sailing.She is in love with cultural travels to exotic countries, she’s a good cook and is always involved in experimenting with new matches of flavors.

silvia 3 About usSilvia Perrone, Senior Account Supervisor in ContactLab, has devoted the last ten years to digital media: starting with digital tv, she gradually move on to one-to-one communication. When she’s not looking for new forms of audience engagement, she is participating in lindy hop dance sessions or endless movie marathons at indie film festivals across Europe. To take a break from technology, she often sails away with a backpack full of books and a deck of cards.

fabio 2 About usFabio De Capitani, Head of Production in ContactLab, has a punk soul. He’s truly passionate about discovering the state of the art tips and tricks about email marketing and web innovation.
He normally dislikes to be interviewed.

Maria Montangero1 About usMaria Montangero, Account Manager in ContactLab, was the very first person to be hired in the company, so she’s been in the company forever and knows its secrets like no one else. She took a break to live as an expat in two very different countries, Turkey and Holland, and loved it! A mother of two, she doesn’t know what her next destination will be but she hopes motorbikes will somehow be involved.

verde1 About usValerio Verde, Product Manager in ContactLab, is a curious person with a passion for studying anything and everything. The combination of being a seasoned traveler and photographer makes him a reporter of street lifestyles and architecture from all around the world. In love with music, he listens to everything from classical to metal.

francesco 4 About usFrancesco Fiaschi, Senior Art Director & Team Leader in ContactLab, is fond of technology and sports. He loves sci-fi movies and thriller books; while he dreams of being the owner of a wine-house on the beach one day, he keeps on enjoying great food.

carlo1 About usCarlo Audino, Art Director in ContactLab, has an innate creativity inside of him that expresses itself in a multitude of ways: from graphic design to illustration to painting.
His greatest creations, however, are his two wonderful children.

viola About usViola Venturelli, Press Office in ContactLab, enjoys dancing salsa and traditional Cuban styles. Cooking is her favourite way to relax and she enjoys creating delicious dishes with various different spices. She is always looking for new stories to relate, whether about technology, economy or the internet, but also regarding her home town of Milan, which she loves to explore and share.

Pietro About usPietro Pannone, Social Media Specialist in ContactLabis passionate about social media and the web and is particularly drawn towards the most innovative technological gadgets. He has recently been hitting the road traveling and, in his spare time, aside from his curiosity about art, enjoys practicing kickboxing and trying out new cuisine.

Xian2 About usXian Zhang, Business Analyst in ContactLab, was born in China. Her passion for the Ferrari racing team drove her to discover the Italian language, then to Milan where she currently lives. She enjoys photography, especially shots of people from different cultures in urban environments. She loves reading and watching detective thrillers.

Francesca Blog About us
Francesca Borgonovo, NewsletterMonitor Product Specialist in ContactLab, has an analytical background and carries out quantitative studies through our benchmarking platform. In her spare time, she indulges her passion for cake decorating, reading and watching romantic films.

Danilo About us Danilo Deninotti, Content Manager, has been working for ContactLab since the fall of 2010. He deals with copy, concepts creation and social media, and when he’s not in the office he keeps writing or translating. He enjoys playing music loudly.

Eva01 About us 
Eva De Crescenzo, Art Director in ContactLab, draws on the full Italian tradition of graphic design for her inspiration. In her free time, when she isn’t traveling, she spends her time drawing and cooking, watching independent films and reading.

Silvia About us
Silvia Pasinelli, Art Director at ContactLab, has multifaceted experience in the world of visual communication: from traditional media to digital, specialized in email marketing. An animal lover, she loves excursions to see the glorious Tuscan countryside in the company of horses.

SergioGarro About us
Sergio Garro, Digital Analyst at ContactLab, is an avid reader of classics and a huge film (all genres). He has an outstanding ability to analyse the various elements involved in email marketing using a qualitative approach.

ManuelaArmanno2 About usManuela Armanno, Senior Content Manager in ContactLab. For many years, Manuela has been interested in creative writing and has well-rounded experience in copywriting in the advertising sector. She has always had a passion for good books and art-house films, and one of her more unusual interests includes ‘royal watching’.

Our method

Our approach is mainly focused on discovering and analyzing the coolest elements within email marketing, with particular emphasis on current trends!

The NewsletterMonitor platform is our benchmarking tool for over 6 million newsletters. On a daily basis we are involved on digital direct marketing campaigns for more than 1000 clients: this expertise is our background for the analysis. We want to get into the email marketing seen up close and hope to provide valuable information; this is what inspires us to write our blog posts. We would be delighted to hear your comments and feedback!